Seedling Sale This Weekend!

April 2nd, 2013
seedling sale seedlings (800x450) (2)
There’s something irresistibly sweet about seedlings. Just the sight of the first seedlings popping their heads up out of the soil makes us happy. Many of the seedlings in our hoophouse are destined for your gardens. Come get yours at one of our  seedling sales! And you’re still right on time for ordering seeds, so what are you waiting for, time to pop your head up out of the house and get gardening! We have two upcoming seedling sales. The first is at the Catskill Native Nursery’s Wildflower Festival and the second will be at the Country Living Fair where we’ll be doing demonstrations, answering garden questions and selling seedlings and seeds. See the list of what we’re growing for the sales below.
cnn wildflower seedling sale
Here are some highlights of the 108 Varieties (!) we’re growing for the sale:
Annual Flowers including 5 varieties of zinnias, 2 nasturtiums, and great cutting flowers.
Herbs (Basils, thyme, sage, lovage)
Cucumbers (slicers, picklers, extra long)
Eggplant (Listada di Ganida, Ping Tung Long!)
Bulbing Onions
Sweet Peppers (All our favorite Northern varieties!)
Hot Peppers (Ananheim, Cayenne, Padron, Serrano)
Summer Squash and Zucchini
TOMATOES! (17 of our favorite varieties!)
Pumpkin/Winter SquashPlus, SEEDS! All direct sow varieties.

Seedling (and seed) Sale May 19th

May 1st, 2012

Come get all your gardening needs all in one place.

You’ve been asking for it, so we’re giving it a go. We started a bunch of extra seedlings, about 100 varieties, that we will bring to the Wildflower Festival at the Catskill Native Nursery.

This is a wonderful annual event at the nursery on 607 Samsonville Rd, Kerhonkson NY from 10-3:30 and we’re excited to take part. Come get your seedlings and seeds as well as native and regionally adapted perennials and landscaping plants at the Nursery.

PLUS come to any of the free workshops including:

11:00 Wild Mushrooms: Foraging and Appreciation
with Maria Redidelbach, President New York Mycological Society
Mushrooms are amazing organisms–neither animal nor plant, the fungi have qualities of both. Although in the past it was thought that most mushrooms were parasitic, now it is known that all life on earth is underlaid by a nurturing fungal mat without which it wouldn’t survive. This talk will cover the basics of habitat and safe mushroom identification.

12:30 Biodiversity’s Beauty: Embracing a New Forest Aesthetic
with Ethan Pierce, Conservation Specialist, Mohonk Preserve
We all love the look of a stately forest, but sometimes our desire for the “quintessential sylvan scene” is less than ideal for the plants and wildlife that live there. Many people confuse their forest or natural woodland with an urban park and strive to tidy up what they think nature has neglected. This talk will explain why that might not be the best approach. Ethan will discuss a new forest aesthetic that celebrates biological diversity and reveals the elaborate beauty of a dynamic, flourishing ecosystem.

2:00 Growing Native Azaleas & their Hybrids
with Francis Groeters, PhD.
Deciduous species in the genus Rhododendron are commonly called Azaleas and North America is their center of diversity. They are not as widely planted by homeowners as one would suspect they would be based on their striking colors and fragrance. Perhaps they suffer from being lumped together in homeowner’s minds with overly bred non-native azaleas that dominate suburban landscapes. Native azaleas retain a wild aspect that make them an appropriate choice for natural landscapes. Meet Pinxterbloom, Roseshell Azalea, Swamp Azalea and Rhodora, which grow wild in the Catskills and their North American brethren such as Flame Azalea and Pinkshell Azalea, and learn about breeding efforts in Massachuestts and Minnesota that have led to a number of garden-worthy, yet still largely wild and natural-looking hybrids.

Local seedlings from local seeds!
Here’s a general list of the seedlings we’re bringing. We’ll also bring a selection of seeds that can be direct sown.

Brussels Sprouts
Culinary Herbs
Ground Cherry
Summer Squash
Sweet Pepper
Winter Squash

Seedling Sales

May 3rd, 2010
Squash Seedling

Squash Seedling

So many Seed Library gardeners have been asking us to have a seedling sale! We can’t swing it this year, but we’re happy to let you know where you can get beautiful seedlings ready to be transplanted this month. Hopefully we’ll have our own seedling sale next year.

Here are a few of our favorite local seedling sales:

May 8th 9am-12pm: Back to Basics Heirloom Seedling Sale. Linda-Brook of Back to Basics (across the street from us in Accord, NY) will be selling home grown seedlings many of which are grown from our seeds. They were just featured in Chronogram Magazine.

May 14th,15th: Two great days of Jay’s farm grown organic seedlings at Four Winds Farm in Gardiner, NY.

May 15th: Back to Basics Heirloom Seedling Sale. Linda-Brook of Back to Basics (across the street from us in Accord, NY) will be selling home grown seedlings many of which are grown from our seeds.

May 15th: Poughkeepsie Farm Project Annual Plant Sale 9-3. Great seedy Certified Naturally Grown CSA.

May 16th: Saugerties Farmers Market. This is a special garden day market and Doug will be there with direct sown seeds and a selection of seedlings ready for transplanting. This will be our last market of the season. Seeds will continue to be for sale through the website.

May 16th: Regeneration CSA Seedling Sale (with our local seeds!) Meet Sarah and Aileah and see their unique High Falls Permaculture farm.

May 22nd: Catskill Native Nursery Wildflower Festival, Kerhonkson, NY. Heirloom tomato seedlings and an impressive selection of herb, fruit, and landscaping plants. We’ll have some NY grown dried flowers for sale as well.

May 22nd: Poughkeepsie Farm Project Annual Plant Sale 9-3. Great seedy Certified Naturally Grown CSA.

May 23rd: Regeneration CSA Seedling Sale (with our local seeds!)